Ro2 – Priest Skill and Stat (Support)

Priest Support


Priest is tranformation from Acolyte class. Priest has two types build, you can build to support (fs) or damager (dps). In this article i will share my priest skill and stat for support build. My skill tree is like this, look.


Priest Skill

if you want detail take a look my skill at

Assumptiolevel 5  is required skill that can reduce income damage to +40%.

Suffragium level 5, suffra is for MVP build that use for Wizard or Elementalyst to faster their casting time p to 10%.

Sacrament level 5, increase your heal up to 10%.

Ressurection level 3, ressurection level 3 has 180 seconds cooldown to ressurect dead user.

Blessing level 5, to add 15% HP all party member.

Heal level 5, heal health point (HP) your friend.

Highness Heal level 5, heal your friend, this skill is more higher than heal and has 10 seconds cooldown.

Aspersio level 3, increase skill heal, highness heal, holy light, judex, ressurection, sanctuary, magnus exorcimus, and genesis ray

And for my status is focuses to INT and VIT. VIT is uses to increase my HP, and INT to increase healing and magical skill.


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