Ro2 – Ranger PVP Build

Ranger is Archer transformation class. Archer can choose to be Ranger or Beastmaster when reach level 25. In this article i will share skill, status, and fighting method Ranger for pvp (player versus player). Pvp is the best part of this game, when we can attack another player ^^ heheee.. i hope someday woe (War of Emperium) will be release too πŸ˜€

Okay, basicly Ranger must avoid physical damage. Because it’s very hurt for Ranger. Especially if you got Knight opponent that can use stun. But the worst opponent ever i meet is Magician type i___i hahaaa… because magic also has long range attack. This is my skill i will share at You can also look at this picture

Ranger Skill

Ranger Skill

I use ankle snare and acrobatic to max level, because it’s very important skill on Pvp. You can avoid enemy quickly with this skill and keep with long distance attack πŸ˜€ But if you had party, you can use level 1 ankle nare and acrobatic. You can use this skill point to another DPS skill πŸ˜€

Oh yeah, dont forget the important things. STR is improve your attack when your are Ranger. In Ragnarok 1, Dex is increase your power, but here you must add STR to add your Attack power. My Ranger status is STR 40, AGI 40, then VIT.. AGI (agility) increase your attack speed, flee rate, and critical rate.

Fighting Method :

Use Angkle Snare, Use Camofladge to increase your first hit. The attack enemy with Charge Arrow to get Focus until full bar. You can also use Arrow impact to slow down your enemey movement. If they are already near and traped to your ankle snare,Β  use Acrobatic to rollback behind πŸ˜€ Attack your enemey until focus bar is full then use Double Strafe three times πŸ˜€ if youre lucky you can get free double strafe with your Main Ranger Skill. Use windwalk also to increase your movement and attack speed. If youare using Double Strafe you will get Breeze until max to 5 Breeze stack then Release the powerfull skill Arrow Fulcan (my favourite skill). Hahaa.. repeat again and again, dont let your enemy catch your and avoid physical fightning.


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